Sleep Fictions: A Digital Companion

Voyant Tools

In the book companion to this site, you will find visualizations* generated through Voyant Tools.

Here, you will find hyperlinks to Voyant preloaded with each primary text:

Roderick Hudson:,reader,trends,summary,contexts

The "Uncle Julius" Tales:,reader,trends,summary,contexts

The House of Mirth:,reader,trends,summary,contexts

Selections from the Forerunner:,reader,trends,summary,contexts

In case the Voyant hyperlinks above are not functioning, here are digitized full-length texts, which you may then copy and paste: 

Roderick Hudson:  
The "Uncle Julius" Tales:
The House of Mirth:
Selections from the Forerunner:

When experimenting with Voyant text visualizations, I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with how to utilize the tool's advanced search tactics and stopword list:

Advanced Search Queries:!/guide/search
​​​​​​Stopword Lists:!/guide/stopwords

View my stop word list here

*For more details about the types of visualizations that are featured in the book, here are hyperlinks to corresponding guides: 

Cirrus Cloud:!/guide/cirrus

Collocates Graph:!/guide/collocatesgraph

Corpus Collocates:!/guide/corpuscollocates

For help using Voyant, visit:!/guide/start

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