Sleep Fictions: A Digital Companion

Technical Tips

Here a few tips to help you navigate this site:

- Suggested Browser: To access this site, I suggest using Google Chrome. Other browsers provide access, but I've found that Chrome works best with the website's interface. 

- Accessing Embedded Notes: To navigate to a note from a full text, right click on "Go to Note" (at the bottom of the pop-up viewer) and select "Open in New Tab." This will allow you to see the full note in a new tab without losing your place as you read through the full text. 

- Permalinks/DOIs/Downloadable Files: In addition to providing embedded hyperlinks to referenced texts, I have provided corresponding permalinks and DOIs when possible. I suggest using those only if an embedded hyperlink is not working. For Internet Archive texts, I have provided stable links to downloadable text files.

- Scalar User's Guide: Need more help? Check out this guide that provides an overview of Scalar's tools and features.

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