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V.4 Hudson

In Chapter 5, Christina observes of Roderick: “He seems to have something urging, driving, pushing him, making him restless and defiant." Rowland worries about feminine influences in Roderick and, in his eyes, sees Christina as the inner fiend that is a distraction to his work.

In Chapter 4, Rowland begins to chafe at Roderick's closeness with "idle" women. Having derived so much pleasure from the boy statuette and, later, the Adam sculpture, Rowland is dissatisfied with Roderick’s newfound obsession with the female form. Upon his return from the Black Forest, Roderick “began to model a new statue—a female figure of which he had said nothing to Rowland. It represented a woman leaning lazily back in her chair, with her head drooping as if she were listening, a vague smile on her lips, and a pair of remarkably beautiful arms folded in her lap." Rowland traces the inspiration for the statue to one of Roderick’s “Baden listeners” and suddenly disapproves of the work.

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